New Apparel FALL / WINTER 2017/18


Before the real, cold white winter kicks in, we can enjoy the autumn gallery of falling leaves and vibrant forests. Gather experience from the ever-shortening days and plan new challenges ahead in the evening. Winter can surprise with white feast days.

NORTHFINDER’s fresh collection incorporates contemporary designs. Thinner, lighter and more effective materials that utilise advanced technologies. The collection’s leading colours are trendy earth and pastel colours on the ‘tone-to-tone’ principle – so they combine very well.

Our OUTDOOR collection has the widest selection. All-weather jackets with good quality membrane and all-seam under-tape. Now you can get functional thermo-insulating fleece in pleasant melange, stretch fabrics. We have extended and adapted our range of trousers for cold weather and anaerobe activity with the clear goal: no-compromise movement.
SNOW has been created for fans of skiing, freeriding and snowboarding. Longer and functional stylish jackets embrace all challenges by stressing fluent motion and body comfort.