Care and wash

General care guidelines

Most of our products are made from synthetic materials with functional properties. Clothes need appropriate care to provide long-term protection.

Each model has its own label with international care symbols.

We recommend using tried-and-tested detergents such as: TOKO, Grangers, Atsko, HEY, Nikwax, Perwoll Sport, or the environmentally-friendly FIBERTEC. Softshell and membrane clothing requires regular renewal of the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) layer that provides water repellence and waterproofness.



You should give more attention to the cleaning and impregnation renewal of functional clothing.  Avoid using detergents that contain bleach and fabric softeners, giving preference to liquid detergents. Conventional detergents coat fibres with polymers, oils, dyes, fats, and salts, which impair material functionality.

Check before washing

Before washing remove any objects from pockets that could damage the clothing. Close all zippers, Velcro fasteners, and stretch out the tightening cord system. Do not wash functional underwear together with top layers of clothing. Wash clothing separately at a low speed. If there is no care label on the garment, wash at 30°C maximum.

3D insulation materials

We recommend washing insulating jackets with hollow artificial fibres once a year in a washing machine or by hand, using a detergent without bleach and fabric softeners. After washing, gently wring water from the garment, plump it up, and dry in a horizontal position. 

Fleece clothing

Fleece clothing should be washed inside out. Use gentle washing modes at 30°C to 40°C and detergents without any bleaching agents or optical brighteners. Dry clothes freely suspended on a hanger at room temperature.

Drying and ironing

Do not spin-dry washed synthetic clothing unless expressly permitted on the label. Put the garment on a hanger or, if it is a jacket, drip-dry in a horizontal position at room temperature.

We do not recommend ironing synthetic materials or drying in direct sunlight. Garments containing polypropylene (POP) must not be ironed.

DWR renewal

DWR is an important part of membranes and softshell clothing. It prevents water from soaking the fabric by allowing droplets to run off the surface. Naturally, the effectiveness of DWR is decreased by wearing, washing with conventional detergents, smoke, sunscreens, and repellents.  We recommend using products that both clean the garment without any negative impact and which renew its water repellence. After washing the DWR molecules are activated by increased temperature, for example by gentle ironing or warming in the dryer. Usage instructions can also be found on the packaging of impregnation products, such as: ATSKO.